Getting everything crossed from your gift list can be stressful, especially when it involves last-minute gifts. No time to go to the mall? No problem! Our recommendations are specifically designed for online shopping that arrives at your door in two days or less. 


The items in this gift list meet one or more of these criteria:

  1. Gifts that take no time at all getting to your house,
  2. Items with which you can include a thoughtful note.
  3. Gifts that claim to arrive in two days or less(available for Amazon Prime users).
  4. Products that our researchers voted best in their respective categories.
  5. Items that were, at the time we put this together, under $100.

Pro tip: Make sure your chosen gifts estimated time of arrival is before the 25th.

10. Echo Dot

With speakers and a slick design, the Echo Dot can be used to ask Alexa to play (cheerful holiday) music, check the weather (did it finally snow?), or even set up an alarm (it is finally time to open those gifts!)

Who are these options perfect for? People looking to add a little ease to their life. 

9. Fire TV Stick 4K bundle with Echo Dot 

Truly the best of both worlds! This bundle includes a Fire TV Stick 4K, an incredibly powerful 4K streaming media stick that enables you to watch everything from Netflix to Disney+, coupled with an Echo Dot. Home Alone binge-watch, anyone?

Who are these options perfect for? Those who use technology for entertainment on a daily basis.

8. Fitness tracker

This device can track vital signs and movements while blending seamlessly into your lifestyle. If you are willing to spend a bit more for your loved ones and want to spring for a fitness tracker that is also a smartwatch and can wait a little longer, get the Versa 2.

Who are these options perfect for? Active people.

7. 23andme

With only a small saliva sample, 23andme will send you a series of DNA-based reports that will uncover ancestry details, like where your predecessors lived, and genetic traits like whether you have a cilantro taste aversion (in case you need to know before Holiday Dinner whether you like cilantro or not).

Who are these options perfect for? People curious about their roots and health. 

6. Endless and offline music

Think about it, what is better than having an ad-free music streaming experience that you dont have to pay for? Nothing!

Who are these options perfect for? Teens, young adults, and even your partner (and you).

  • Ad-free music, best for new music discovery- Spotify

Price: Students $4.99/month, Individual $9.99/month or Family $14.99

  • Best Full-Service Music Platform- Apple Music

Price: Individual $9.99/month or Family $14.99/month.


5. Fire HD 8 Tablet, 16 GB or 32 GB

Looking for a tablet with a 10-hour battery, hands-free with Alexa, camera, and expandable storage? The Fire tablet has what you seek. With up to 400 GB storage via microSD and free unlimited cloud storage for all Amazon content, its the little tablet that could.

Who are these options perfect for? Those who like technology, but dont necessarily need to have the latest tech out there.

16 GB or 32 GB

Love someone that really likes to have fun? This NERF packs a punch, able to blast single-fire, burst-fire, and continuous fire darts to help mix up the tactical fun. It has a storage stock and includes 40 official elite foam darts to continuously use for  indoor (and outdoor) games. 

Who are these options perfect for? For kids, or kids at heart. 

This interactive pop-up book that becomes six functional tools: a working planetarium book that projects constellations, a musical instrument, a message decoder, an infinite calendar, a geometric drawing generator, and a speaker that amplifies sound.

Who are these options perfect for? Those who love to read and explore.

2. Streaming services

There are more than 200 streaming services in the U.S. to choose from, so it is pretty possible that there is at least one streaming service on your loved ones wishlist.

Who are these options perfect for? Teens, young adults, and even your partner (and you, because sharing is caring).

Some examples are:

  • For Classic Films lovers – The Criterion Channel

Price: $10.99 a month or $99.99 a year.

  • Endless movies and TV Shows– Disney+ 

Price: $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year.

  • Best On-Demand Library – Netflix

Price: Basic plan $8.99 a month, Standard plan $9.99 and Premium plan $15.99.

1. Treat themselves subscriptions

The categories you can find from subscription boxes are almost endless: shaving clubs, beauty, clothes even food! Whatever you choose, every time your loved one gets one of these boxes, they will think of you and the time you just saved them. Its basically an eternal gift.

Who are these options perfect for? Teens, young adults, and adults in general.

Some examples are:

Price: $12/month Glam Bag, $25/month Glam Bag Plus, $37 Combined plans.

Price: Monthly Plan: $10/month and $60/6-month

Price: Tasting $7.99-$9.99 per monthly box, Deluxe $16.50-$19.95 per monthly box and $19.99-$24.99 per monthly box.

Bonus: Experiences 

You can send flowers online to your loved ones even if you are really far away, but if youre close you can take them to a park, to a musical, or their favorite spot. Quality time can be the best gift of all. 

Who is this option perfect for? Everyone.

Which one did you choose? 

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1º First, not all companies or online stores have the same philosophy as the guarantee. Although the laws require that you allow returns of the product, a few days after receiving the purchase, and not all companies do. All the items you can discover in, have links to online stores that offer such a guarantee and are 100% reliable. 2º The second thing, when you buy on a web page that shows images, so when you go to receive the purchase you have acquired, it may happen that you do not like it. That's why at, we think that a good way to know if the product you plan to buy is the most appropriate, is to trust the criteria of other buyers who have already purchased. So this compilation with the Bestsellers and the comments and opinions section, which will be really useful. 3º Another thing is that, do not waste time waiting in line at the stores and buy when you want. It is not necessary that you have to buy during working hours, you can buy when you want, you can make purchases, taking advantage of being on the train or the 4h at dawn, as you wish. Besides being able to buy when you want, you can do it without waiting too long. 4º Fourth, we want to highlight the issue of security in purchases. It is also true that the Internet has been one of the places in which more scams are carried out, especially in purchases. But we have to tell you that this is not the case anymore. At this time shopping is less dangerous, although there are still some fraudulent online stores, although you can already trust the web pages that we offer here since these are 100% safe places, in which the data goes to They will be safe and there are no problems with the products with full guarantees. 5º In the fifth point, one of the worst experiences a customer can have when making a purchase in an online store, is to find the same material, in another place, with better sales conditions: A superior quality at a lower price, the broadest, most economic guarantee, the best benefits ... We can assure you that this is not going to happen to you if you select any item from the compilations we have collected. We use fantastic software that analyzes, orders and studies the most popular articles currently.


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